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DETRAM has no limits about subjects of any particular Research and Development work. It depends on our customers and it suppose to be reasonable and legal. We are able to  find very experienced researchers and engineers to help and to respond your current or future needs. 

There are available some already advanced R&D works listed below. Some of these R&D works are close to the final production step. Others, but more fundamental works we propose as training courses or information sale. We are looking for customers interested in a particular activity or in any kind of R&D products. Send a request form or an e-mail and we will reply with more details!

We accept samples for analytical testing with interpretation of the results. Prices and required time for analyses vary because our labs are in different countries. We always try to adjust according to the available budget and time of our customers. Please send a request or an e-mail for details!

1. New concept for desktop laser printers and copiers (method and equipment)
A successful end of this work means revolution in desktop printing processes and related equipment which exist now. New generation laser printers and copiers will be smaller, faster and will print in color with offset quality of the image. No toner will be required as a consumable material. After modification most of offset printing inks are usable for this method. This project is possible to be finished in a short time because the prototype laboratory equipment has been already built and it works.
2. Method for preparation of offset printing forms and method for direct laser coding process.
University developed method based on lasers and modified ink materials. This method and related materials are patented in some European countries. 
The project need further development (industrial proof).
3. Desktop computer assisted fast measurement device of surface static electricity for different materials. 
University developed and already built a prototype device.
4. Technology and equipment for utilization of secondary polymers.
This project has been at its production stage but never expand because the company responsible for the production ended its operations. The main row materials are old automotive tires. Other waste polymer materials can be also in use.
5. Development of optical information storage media.
University developed media for once-write and reversible storage laser recording based on different materials (organics polymers and inorganic glasses).
6.Development of environmentally friendly toners for laser printers and copies 
This technology includes custom synthesis of base polymers and a non-conventional method for toner production. 
Biodegradability of is the main advantage of these toners.

7. Chemistry and biochemistry of the complication of diabetic diseases and the development of cataract (short lecture course).




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