I. Flotation Oil Preparation

- university developed and industrially proven technological method (more than 40 years work experience in this field);

- utilization of  by-products from Pulp and Paper facilities based on the sulfate pulp production method;

- final products are foaming agents with different application.


2. Production of conventional and special toners for laser printers and copiers 

- more than 25 years university and industrial experience in a development, testing, project management and production  of different formulation of different kinds electrophotographic toners (including color, MICR toners etc.).

- final products are high quality toners produced by means of new or rebuilt special equipment an based on some local raw materials when possible (for possible investors - basic knowledge about general polymer industry and availability of extrusion processing equipment is an asset but not requirement).


3. Marking  and decorative treatment of glass, ceramics, wood and plastics by means of TEA CO2 laser

- university developed and industrially used technology since 1984 (authors who manage this project own several  patents in some European countries, USA and Japan);

- this technology include custom build and installation of all necessary equipment plus 1-2 years warranty service support.


4. Production of a fire resistive constructive polymer composition (patented in some European countries)

- university developed and laboratory proven technology for synthesis and application of a fire resistive polymer material with various applications.


5. Production of dimmer  fatty acids and based on synthesis of environmentally friendly polymers with various applications.

 - university developed and industrially proven technological method (more than 30 years work experience in this field);

- utilization of some by-product oils  from Pulp and Paper facilities or utilization of  of waste oils from different oil production facilities;


6. University developed and industrially proven technology projects applied for Pulp, Paper and Packaging industry (patented in some European countries):

 Additives with combined effect for surface treatment of special papers.

Water resistant and reinforcing glue mixture for corrugated paperboard production.

Composition of reinforced packaging paper.

Refining composition for production of packaging papers. 

Composition of a modified glue for corrugated paperboard production.

Additive for refining of cellulose based materials.



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