Flotation Oil Preparation

            Various terpentine oils can be used for the preparation of this foaming agent.  Since this raw material is expensive, we use some of its fractions or distillation residues.

           Besides this various fractions and the distillation residues obtained in the production of terpineol, synthetic camphor, essential oils, etc. are also suitable and can be utilized.  In other words we are able to prepare this foaming agent from monoterpenes as well as from their derivates and isomerized products, which have no other valuable application so far.

We will send you if request a scheme of an exemplary processing of the terpentine oils, during which various fractions and residual products have been separated..

 The fractions and the distillation residues are transformed into alcohols and ethers, which are very good foaming agents in the flotation of cupric, lead zinc and other ores.

 We are able to prepare a definite amount of flotation oil on the basis of your raw material and you may test its quality as a foaming agent.

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